Chris Falcon is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Youth Exercise Specialist, and freelance writer. The first generation Cuban-American was born in Highland Park, Illinois, and graduated as part of the HPHS class of 1997. Although he had many influential life experiences post-high school, none of them drew him too far away from home; he founded his own personal training facility, Reactive Performance Enhancement Center, in Glenview in 2007. 

Since then, Chris has been exploring and expanding his passion for helping others to embrace healthy living. His time spent working with young children, cancer patients, and those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, has given him a fine-tuned sensitivity to the needs and concerns of his clients. Although Chris has had great success working with individuals from many different walks of life, he has also maintained a constant passion for writing.  Chris has written articles on diet and exercise, personal development (or "growth setting") techniques, and even paths to spiritual enlightenment. 

Chris most recently published a children's book called "Billy Blue and the Big Belly" and is currently working on the follow-up. He has also developed a simple, no-nonsense method of healthy eating called The Multi-Mode Method of Eating™.  Chris is a contributing columnist for The Glenview Lantern, a contributing expert for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a content contributor for both Sunwarrior Superfoods and 

Chris is now working on developing a screenplay, a new endeavor in his world of creative writing. He lives in Highland Park with his wife, Basia, and their two boys, Christopher and Joey.